Jeremy Heber jewellery

Simple Design; Extraordinary Elegance

All the jewellery on this site is designed and
made by Jeremy Heber, here in the UK.
Anything that you buy can be returned for
a full refund if you find that you don't like it.

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With Christmas out of the way I'm concentrating on building the new web site. Actually, I've grown up at last and have got someone who knows what they're doing to build it for me this time. As Brian Cox says: Things can only get better. (Unless you live in Iraq)

Company Information

In 1988 Jeremy Heber left University and set up a bench in a friend’s living room. He called his company 'Church House Jewellery' as he had first started making silver jewellery in earnest, whilst living in an annex of the Chuch Hall in the tiny town of Lampeter in West Wales where he was studying, of all things, English Literature.

Church House Jewellery is now based in Bristol in the South of England and supplies shops and galleries with finely designed silver and gold jewellery within the UK and to a growing number of private clients Worldwide.

The core of Jeremy's range remains the silver and gold jewellery that has made his name, but the range continues to expand at the edges and, these days, much of his time is taken up with making commissions for private clients in silver, gold, palladium and platinum.

Having employed various craftsmen over the years Jeremy has now gone back to working alone. This is, in many ways, less frustrating but it does mean that he tends to lose the power of speech for weeks at a time.

He doesn't own a shop but primarily supplies independent jewellers around the country. You will find a list of these on the shops page. This site shows a selection of his range for you to view and buy. If you would like to see the whole range then please request a free catalogue.

You can call on +44 (0)1275 390357 between 8.00am and 5.30pm GMT Monday to Friday or e-mail through the contact page.

Enjoy browsing and please e-mail any feedback that you feel would be helpful in adapting the site to your needs.