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Gold Rings

Although this page is headed "gold rings", I make all
of these designs in either gold, platinum or palladium.
Gold ring sale
Apollo Ring
Omega ring
Aquila ring
Leda gold ring
Cressida gold ring
Calisto gold ring
Gold ring calypso
Gold ring Xena
Gold ring veus
Gold ring titania
Gold ring Europa
Gold ring telesto
Gold ring Jupiter
Gold ring Neptune
Gold ring Celeste
Celeste wedding band
White Celeste
Celeste Wedding band
Titan and hyperion gold ring set
Titan & Hyperion
Alpha and Omega gold ring set
Alpha & Omega
Mercury gold ring
For general information about the diamonds I use in these rings, click here: Diamond information

More about Jeremy Heber's Gold, platinum and palladium rings.

All pieces in the Church House Jewellery range are designed by Jeremy Heber and handcrafted in the U.K. Many companies, now, are sending most of their manufacturing off-shore but I am pleased to be able to offer a genuine handcrafted, British Made product.

These gold rings combine modern jewellery design with classic elements, making them distinctive yet suitable for everyday wear.

I offer a range of gold rings, some suitable as engagement rings or as engagement and wedding ring sets and some as classic designs for everyday wear. A selection are shown here but there are more gold diamond and gem set rings in my range so if you can't see anything you like here then please order my free catalogue.

The rings displayed here are a selection that I've built up over the years but I'm making more and more engagement rings on commission these days. If you like, you can view these rings as a starting point and then ask me to design something specifically for you. If you're interested, then please take a look at my Commissions page.

The traditional approach to diamond rings has been to minimize the design elements and maximize the size and appearance of the diamond itself. It's all about finding a big stone and then wiring it onto your finger using the minimum amount of metal possible. This is the origin of the classic solitaire with it's knife-edge shoulders and fine claw setting. In modern jewellery, the design element has become much stronger and, in these rings, I use high quality diamonds but also aim to do something elegant, unusual or distinctive with the actual ring itself.

I make a number of two part ring sets and many of these, especially Titan and Hyperion, have proved very popular and are perfect as an engagement ring and wedding ring set. For more on wedding rings please visit my wedding ring page.

Ring sizing can be a problem if you're buying over the internet. I have a page devoted to ring sizing that can provide help. If you're not sure of the size you need then you can go to a jeweller and have your finger measured. Most of them are happy to provide this as a service even if you don't buy from them. It might be tactful to at least glance at a few rings in the window though! I can send you a plastic ring sizer if you want (request it via the catalogue page) or, if the ring is to be a surprise, you can either give me a dress size (assuming that it's for a woman!) or just enter La or Ge in the shopping cart, for ladies and gents respectively. I send all rings out with a plastic ring sizer and and, if the ring you order doesn't fit when you receive it, then you get one sizing for free.

I am proud to offer a high quality product and so only use high quality materials. These designs are available as either 9ct gold rings (375 parts per thousand) or 18ct gold rings (750 parts per thousand) or in palladium or platinum. For more information on these metals please visit my Metals and Carats page.

Each piece is hallmarked independently to verify the quality of the gold. I can provide you with other gold standards such as 14ct and also different colour variations. I can also supply any of these as platinum or palladium rings if you require. Please contact me if you want to discuss the various options and the prices involved.

As most of my stockists only sell the silver and gold range you are unlikely to find many of these gold rings in the shops but if you would like to see and try a ring on before you buy then you are welcome to visit me personally in order to to do so but I'll require a little notice in order to make your ring in advance. I can also send a ring in the post if you are happy to part with some card details, or a much loved pet, as security. (please note, we do not accept small dogs)

As with everything on the site I will refund your payment immediately and without question if you don't like your jewellery when you receive it; all I ask is that you return it to us in it's original condition and packaging.