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Who is this man?

People sometimes ask me if they can come and vist my studio.

I'm always a bit wrong-footed by this question as it implies that they have a certain idea of who I am and what I do.

I have no studio, just a grubby workshop and, I'm afraid that most of what I do, on a day to day basis, is more like engineering than art. I'm generally filthy and my clothes have holes in them where they have been splashed with acid, and I characteristically wear that harried look of a man who has too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. In his poem 'The Waste Land', T.S. Elliot refers to 'The broken fingernails of dirty hands'. That pretty much sums up jewellery making.

Clearly, I enjoy what I do or I would not have stuck with it for 25 years. I actually quite like the challenge of handling all the different aspects of the business and learning new skills. Therefore, if everything looks a little 'home-made' it's probably because I made it at home.

I do the web site, photography, catalogues, advertising copy and accounts for the business. This is partly because I enjoy the variety of all those different aspects, and partly due to the poverty of my earlier years when there was no money to pay someone else who actually knew what they were doing.

Having studied English Literature at University, I have no formal training in jewellery making but took it up as a temporary means of earning a living. I was going to give it a couple of years and then go and do other stuff and use the revenue from making jewellery to sustain me in a kind of minimal lifestyle...... and, well, here we are 25 years later.

As I have no qualifications to back up what I do, I also have no C.V. I do, however, have a biography that I send out to the shops who want a bit more information on me. You'll find more about the way that I do things on the Company Information page and you can contact me through the Contact page.