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More about Jeremy Heber's necklaces and pendants

All pieces in the Church House Jewellery range are designed by Jeremy Heber and handcrafted in the U.K. This, sadly, is a rarity these days as most of the Jewellery sold in the West now has been manufactured in the Far East where labour is cheap. I've been offered these services myself but it matters to me that my work is British Made and I have a stubborn streak that insists that I do everything myself!

So: my pendants and necklaces combine modern Jewellery design with classic elements, making them distinctive yet great for everyday wear.

I have both necklaces and pendants here, the distinction being that necklaces are either continuous links or a designed element in the middle of a silver chain, whereas a pendant hangs from the chain.

This site includes many of my more popular necklaces and pendants but If you like my style and want to see the whole range then please order my free catalogue.

I am proud to offer a high quality product and so only use high quality materials. All of the silver jewellery is made from Sterling Silver or '925 silver' which means that there are 925 parts of silver per thousand. The remaining 25% is made up of different metals that provide other useful properties to the alloy. Each piece is hallmarked independently to verify the quality of the silver.

Many of these designs use either 9ct gold or 18ct gold as embellishment. I don't use gold plating and all the gold you will see on this site is solid and won't wear off. Where beads are used they are hollow but of a good thickness that will not dent... unless you choose to stamp on them.

In silver jewellery I tend to use small diamonds to enhance the design rather than using the diamond as the centepiece. This also helps to keep the price down. However, it demands that I pick high quality diamonds in order to give maximum sparkle! Much of the silver jewellery on the market these days contains poor quality diamonds but employs satin textures on the silver to enhance the contrast and make the diamonds stand out. This is not a technique that I'm interested in using.

For the larger gold and diamond pieces such as the Moonrise necklace, I use bigger stones and so tend to raise the quality still further. For many of these pieces, though, I can offer a range of diamonds to fit your taste and budget. Visit my Diamonds page for more information about the diamonds and diamond grading in general.

The silver chains I use are 16 inches long but I can supply these pendants and necklaces in 18 inches or longer should you require. Most of the items have the 18" chain as a separate option but, if you require a different length to those offered, then I'd suggest that you e-mail me with any special requirements and I'll add the details to your order.

As with everything on the site I will refund your payment immediately and without question if you don't like your jewellery when you receive it; all I ask is that you return it in it's original condition and packaging.

Don't forget to check out the bargainous necklaces on my special offers page.