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  • Silver heart earring studs with gold beads

    Bead heart earring studs

  • Sale! Gold reticulated heart earrings

    Crunkle hearts

    £50.00 £25.00
  • love lace hearts for shoe laces

    Ada’s Love-laces

  • Heavy heart pendant in silver with gold detail

    Heavy heart pendant

  • Simple heart section ring

    Silver heart section ring

  • Side heart section silver ring

    Side heart ring

  • Double heart rings

    Double heart rings

  • Heart section ring in silver and gold

    Gold slice heart rings

  • Bead heart charm

    Heart Charm

  • Bead heart necklaces in silver and gold

    Silver & gold heart necklaces

  • Heavy heart silver key ring in with gold detail

    Silver and gold heart key ring

  • Small heart necklace in silver and gold

    Simple heart pendant

  • Single gold heart rings

    Single heart rings

  • Heart cascade pendant with three silver hearts

    Heart cascade

  • Captive heart pendants in silver and gold

    Captive Heart Pendants